The Story behind Bikebutler


One day while biking to a business meeting, Johan was navigating with his phone. Too focused on the mobile screen, he overlooked
a hole in the road right ahead of him. To make a short story even shorter, the phone is now buried and the bike got a few scars. Determined to find a better solution for the bicyclist in the digital age, he reached out to his friend Jesper and Bikebutler was born.


Team Bikebutler

Our two founders are both avid bikers with passion for technology and 2-wheeled transportation.

As an early-stage startup, we are always looking to include more talent to our team. If you are interested
in joining us in the journey to make Bikebutler a reality, please reach out to us at

Jesper Alkestrup
Co-founder & Product Guy

Past finalist in the Danish Entrepre-neurship Awards with an educational background in Design and Innovation. Jesper leads developing the product.
Johan Bender 
Co-founder & Business Guy

Previous founder of FreeBike Project, a company providing free bicycle to US students subidized by ads. Johan is driven to push the boundries of biking.
Christian Graver Larsen
Mobile App Developer

Dreams about bringing people closer together with mobile technology, and also very active in the cycling community in Copenhagen.
Erik Stenberg
Project Manager

Interested in all things location, be it his music startup Tunaspot, or now with bikes. Erik plans on never having to stop for red light on his bicycle.
Jim Aldon D'Souza
Electronic Engineer

Lead prototyper with a knack for embedded and communication systems, Jim uses his knowlegde, talents (and humor) to bring Bikebutler to life.
Martin Rygaard
Electronic Engineer 

Passionate about micro controllers and jiu jutsu, Martin is the man behind Bikebutlers control center. Also, do not try to mess with him (or with us).